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Hands-On Experience helps make future Engineers
The Tech Academy offers a productive alternative for summertime hours, engaging hands and brains in projects that also help build collaborative skills and a student’s belief in his or her capabilities. These skills and capabilities are:

Introductory—TECH I (2 weeks)
Teamwork, in Introductory courses, is apparent in hands-on projects. There is a daily major project for each topic in TECH I classes. Generally, 2-3 students team up, with each student a stakeholder in the team’s project. These small groups facilitate discussion, division and accomplishment of significant tasks, and verbal reporting of progress and test results.

Theme areas reflect both current and expected future changes in technology—Space, High Technology, Water, and Energy. Both the Water and Energy segments place focus much attention on the environment, including quality and conservation. Alternative, green sources, conservation and sustainability are subtopics for Energy. 

High Technology & Space
• Build a Mars (egg) Lander                       
• Deconstruct a Cell Phone                       
• Build a Simple E-Device (soldering)

• Design & Build an Aqueduct
• Design & Building Bridges           
• Build a Simple Robot
• Design & Build a Solar Cooker
• Build a Basic Electric Motor           
• Build & Race a Solar Model Car
Students learn about real-world engineering: the Bay Bridge rebuild and failing bolts; the transcontinental flight by the manned, solar cell-powered electric Solar Impulse aircraft; and the high percentage of the world’s population that cooks with solar ovens. They are guided to understanding that the Mars Rovers, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity are, simply put, delivery vehicles for small, fragile packages, which must safely reach a target millions of miles away. An egg substitutes for that fragile package of instruments and electronics. In preparation to assembling a solar car kit for racing, students build a simple electric motor with wire, magnets and a battery, giving greater appreciation for the utility of the small motor in the solar car kit.

Dates and Sites for TECH I

June 16–27, 9:00 AM–3:00 PM
Alsion Montessori, San Jose State Univ / Santa Clara University

July 7–18, 9:00 AM–3:00 PM
San Jose State Univ / Santa Clara University

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