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Enabling Middle & High School Students to Explore and Improve Skills in STEM

We're a non-profit educational initiative in San Jose, California

The Silicon Valley Tech Academy is an educational program to enable Middle and High School students to explore and improve skills needed to pursue college level work in the fields of engineering, technology and science.

Have Experience to Share? Become one of our course instructors. Silicon Valley Tech Academy is seeking STEM professionals to teach in Summer 2022

Why it Matters

As the world increasingly relies on engineering and technology, many of our local students are left behind because they are not engaged in or have access to meaningful STEM education. The SVTA exists to engage and inspire young people to see themselves participating in math and science educationally and vocationally.

By providing a productive alternative for summertime hours, the SVTA enables middle and high school students to explore and improve their skills in STEM. The SVTA helps young learners build collaborative skills and increase belief in their capabilities by engaging students' hands and brains in various projects.

Come inside and discover the hands-on fun of engineering & science!

STEM Educational Program

STEM teaches critical thinking skills and instills a passion for innovation.

Designed for Students

From Middle School to Pre-9th Grade we have it covered

Explore and Improve

Beyond the benefit of learning science, technology, engineering, and math, STEM assists in the problem-solving and exploratory learning that fuel success across a variety of tasks and disciplines.

College Level Work

Our fantastic instructors have a college-level curriculum that will set up students for success

Our program places an emphasis on ‘learning by doing’

  • Offering Multiple Classes During Summer
  • TECH ONE Classes for Middle School Students
  • Advanced Course Classes for Pre-9th Grade
  • An Emphasis on High Tech & Space, Water, Energy
  • Knowledgable Instructors in Relevant Fields
  • For students who show aptitude in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM)

Are You Ready? STEM is waiting

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About Silicon Valley Tech Academy

657 S. Monroe Street
San Jose, CA 95128
+1 (408) 296-5935