The Silicon Valley Tech Academy is an educational program to enable Middle and High School students to explore and improve skills needed to pursue college level work in the fields of engineering, technology and science.

Program focus is on teamwork, innovative problem solving, and project-based "learning by doing" with emphasis on Space and High Tech, Energy, Water, and the Environment.

Silicon Valley Tech Academy is in partnership with San Jose State University College of Engineering and Downtown College Prep Alum Rock High School.

Class Locations - Summer 2020

  • San Jose State University
  • Downtown College Preparatory Alum Rock HS
  • Downtown College Preparatory El Camino HS



Jay Pinson

June 23, 1929 - Sept. 20, 2008

Founder and director of the original Tech Academy, the late Dr. Jay Pinson envisioned the program as a way to inspire youth about careers in the fields of engineering and science and to enlighten them on their need to excel in math and similar disciplines while progressing from middle school through high school.

He determined that the Tech Academy needed high-powered, relevant curriculum, and a commitment to excellence. He encouraged learning through hands-on, collaborative problem- solving.

San Jose State University's Science, Technology, Enginering & Math Program (STEM) Program is named after Dr. Pinson, in honor of his work.

The Silicon Valley Tech Academy's directors and staff aim to preserve and grow his legacy

Silicon Valley Tech Academy Sponsors

Currently seeking partners, for funding and other relational purposes.

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